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  2. Aiken Standard's Promotion 28

    Aiken Standard's Promotion 28

    Enter now to win a shopping spree, thanks to our sponsor!

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  4. Aiken Standard's Promotion 36

  5. Aiken Standard's Promotion 37

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  7. Aiken Standard's Promotion 41

    Aiken Standard's Promotion 41

  8. Aiken Top Docs Nov_2020
  9. Aiken's Choice 2015

  10. Aiken's Choice 2016

  11. Aiken's Choice Top Docs 2021

    Aiken's Choice Top Docs 2021

    Nominate your favorite doctor starting in November.

  12. Community Christmas Card
  13. How Much Do You Know About Heart Health

    How Much Do You Know About Heart Health

    February is American Heart Month

    Raise awareness about heart health and urge those around you to prevent heart disease. Test your knowledge & share the quiz with friends & loved ones!

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  15. Stars of North August 2016

  16. Stars of North Augusta

  17. Stars of North Augusta 2015

  18. Teacher of the Month

    Teacher of the Month

    Nominate your favorite teacher for Teacher of the Month sponsored by your local McDonald's in Aiken & Edgefield. Each month, we will select a nominee to be the Teacher of the Month. The teacher and their class will receive prizes from our local sponsor, McDonald's!

    Teacher of the Month will publish the monthly winner in the Aiken Standard print edition and e-edition on the 15th of each month as well as in a social media post to recognize the winner from the preceding month.

    Teacher of the Month is a monthly nomination ballot for 2020. One teacher will be selected for each month. Once you have nominated a teacher, you do not have to re-nominate them each month however you can add additional entries if you'd like throughout the year. You can nominate once per day. Minimum age to participate in our contests is 13 years old. If you are under 13 years old, please ask parent or guardian to assist you with nominating.

  19. Voter's Choice 2017

  20. Voter's Choice 2018

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